Terence & Erika

It’s that season again.  Centerpieces, flowers, decor, dresses, shoes, venues, cakes, hairdressers,limos….the list goes on!  With that said, it’s always nice to take a step back and think about what it all means….is it love?  Is it lifelong companionship?  What does it all mean?

Don’t ask us..we are just photographers 🙂

Here are a couple of photos from a recent e-session conducted at the newly constructed National Harbor.  We can’t wait for this wedding….it’s gonna be a blast.  Why? We said so!


A simple gaze

  • Turi cooke - March 23, 2009 - 12:51 pm

    The national plaza photo is awesome, congratulations guys!

  • Erika & Terence - March 23, 2009 - 12:52 pm

    I LOVE our E Session pics 🙂 I cannot WAIT for the weddding. Then again, maybe I can, ha ha!

    Two of my fave pics – great job Erin and Carlos! you guys are the BEST!

  • Daniel - March 23, 2009 - 1:11 pm

    Nice! You two look so in love. Congrats Guys.

  • Tiffany Ferguson - March 23, 2009 - 1:11 pm

    WOW! I absolutely LOVE the photo with the National plaza sign in the background. I’ve been to the National Harbor several times however nothing is as beautiful as this picture of E and T… I love the photo and the couple in it! I can’t wait until the wedding! Yippee! 🙂

  • Terence Gibson - March 23, 2009 - 1:14 pm

    I enjoyed the engagement session. The pictures turn out really nice even after the weather. Can’t wait to work with you guys for the wedding.

  • Janelle - March 23, 2009 - 1:16 pm

    The second photo is one of my favorites. You guys are incredibly talented!

  • Racine - March 23, 2009 - 1:21 pm

    Wow!!! This couple looks great and super in love! Look at how he is looking in her eyes! And the first pic looks like a scene out of a wonderful movie!

  • Halle Samuel - March 23, 2009 - 1:25 pm

    Your pictures are beautiful E and T! Great job to the photographers, you defintely captured some beautiful moments between my two friends:)

  • Debra Rushton - March 23, 2009 - 3:16 pm

    OMG! Erika and Terrence I just love the photo of Terrence holding Erika’s face and they way she looks!!! There is definitely LOVE in the air! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Shanika Myles - March 23, 2009 - 3:41 pm

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture with you guys at National Plaza. You can literally feel that giddy, first kiss feeling coming through the pic. Congrats you guys. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the nuptials if the engagement pics came out this beautiful.

  • Ebony - March 23, 2009 - 6:42 pm

    The pictures are beautiful, they truly capture the love that is shared between the couple, the background editing and the lighting in the top pic is amazing, great work to the photographer as well. Congrats to the happy couple!!!

  • Franshawn - March 23, 2009 - 9:08 pm

    I’m loving the second pic! U can feel the love and romance! Something out of a movie when the guys is saying I will always love u! U can c the love! Congratulations!

  • Joe Gibson A K A Pop's - March 24, 2009 - 12:46 am

    The pictures are beautiful thank you for sharing them with us all,If the person who took these pictures is the same person who take’s the pictures at the wedding then I know that all the picture will turn out great. T & E Love you both.

  • Linda Jones - March 24, 2009 - 4:58 am

    Ah — The look of love! Great pictures, great venue. Best wishes for pictures this great at the wedding. I know the love will be shining through. Love yah — Aunt Linda

  • Audrey - March 24, 2009 - 5:04 am

    GREAT!!! Pictures you guys look fabulous!!!

  • zakia walker - March 24, 2009 - 5:05 am

    OMG!I absolutly love those pics. Terance thank you for sharing these pics of you and Erica. Beautiful

  • Chanita - March 24, 2009 - 5:21 am

    Wow! You guys I am speechless these pictures are amazing. I love it!

  • Jessena - March 24, 2009 - 6:56 am

    FANTASTIC!!!! Beautiful photography and a beautiful, lovely couple 🙂

  • Patrice Reynolds - March 24, 2009 - 7:04 am

    Your pictures exude LOVE! I am so happy for you! YOU GUYS LOOK ADORABLE!

  • Fernanda - March 24, 2009 - 7:32 am

    Sweet Victory!!! I absolutely love the first picture. Despite the gloominess of the winter weather the love between you guys is definitely lighting up the scene.

  • Angela Edmondson - March 24, 2009 - 7:46 am

    Beautiful…. I am so happy for you both…

  • Dara - March 24, 2009 - 7:55 am

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I’m so excited for the wedding!

  • Tamara - March 24, 2009 - 8:00 am

    GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE the second one. oh love is in the air… ps… i completely enjoy Terence’s popped collar in the first pic! 🙂 and the second is just beautiful. Congratulations again!

  • Shareem Kilkenny - March 24, 2009 - 9:12 am

    Thanks for sharing these pics Terence! They are awesome! Congratulations to the both of you!

  • Katina - March 24, 2009 - 9:27 am

    The pictures were beautiful, very fresh, and natural. The location was perfect. Thanks for sharing. I wish you both the best of love and marriage.

  • Pam Lee - March 24, 2009 - 10:11 am

    Hey Erika & Terence – I Love your pics. I love the second photo.

  • Deniece - March 24, 2009 - 10:35 am

    Wow, look at the intense gaze in that first one! Beautiful couple…beautiful pics. Congrats again Erika & Terence 🙂

  • Lynette - March 24, 2009 - 11:06 am

    Awesome pictures. Very detailed moments captured.

  • Keturah Grier - March 24, 2009 - 11:14 am

    I really love the second photo. The photography does not seem like the “standard” photograph. That’s what I really like about them. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Love you!!

  • Stacie Marshall - March 24, 2009 - 11:41 am

    Awe! You guys are so in love…I can’t wait until I get married!

  • Leon - March 24, 2009 - 12:15 pm

    Great pics cuz…I know ya’ll wedding is going to be simply beautiful!!!

  • Jole' - March 24, 2009 - 12:46 pm

    Much love Terence and Erika. All the pictures are lovely; keep smiling. 🙂

  • The Kid - March 24, 2009 - 12:56 pm

    Look at yall looking a cute in the face. E Pizzle and T Weezie somewhere in DC on a deserted street? How in the heck does that happen… I mean this is DC we’re talking about right? Let me find out the Gibsons can just kick people off a whole block to take pictures…. That’s the type of stuff I’m talking about!..lol

  • Sheri Sears - March 24, 2009 - 1:41 pm

    I pray that you both can continue to look at one another in such a passionate way in the next 30-50 years down the line. God Bless you both!!! The pictures look like you are advertising a new love struck movie. Beautifull.

  • Melody Skinner-Lewis - March 24, 2009 - 2:59 pm

    Ericka and Terence, these are beautiful pictures. You both have captured the image of LOVE!!!

  • Jason - March 24, 2009 - 3:30 pm

    Nice pics guys! The national plaza photo is probably the best one. Unfortunately, for Terence, his PLUM shirt is covered.

  • Nichole - March 24, 2009 - 5:26 pm

    these pictures are so beautiful…u can see the love in their eyes

  • Portia - March 25, 2009 - 5:18 am

    These pictures look like they need to be in Essence Magazine!! That’s love, black love.

  • Kiwana - March 25, 2009 - 6:54 am

    OMG…this is absolutely beautiful…the simple gaze is breath taking…Love is in the air!!!

  • Kendra - March 26, 2009 - 9:59 am

    I LOVE the pictures…..you two are too cute:) Congrats again!

  • Britney - March 26, 2009 - 10:57 am

    These pictures are breathtaking. It makes you want to sigh and say “awwwww”. You guys are so cute and you look so genuine.

  • Derek - March 26, 2009 - 11:12 am

    Man what more can I say…that is wonderful example of black love at its best! Congratulations Erika and Terrence!

  • Dania Matos - March 26, 2009 - 11:18 am

    AMAZING! Look at that gaze in the second photo. It only comes once in a lifetime and will last a lifetime. 🙂 One could be so lucky. Felicidades Erika and Terence!

  • Alex - March 27, 2009 - 4:21 am

    I Like, I really LIKE!!!! Can wait to see more! Congrats!

  • Darius A - March 27, 2009 - 5:49 am

    Nice pictures very romantic and symbolizes love between the both of yall

  • Lynette - March 27, 2009 - 2:08 pm

    WOW, This picture is amazing. I really like it and couldn’t be happier for the both of you.

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